All our products are powered by proprietary cutting edge real-time simulation technology registered under the GUARD trademark. Guard is game-based engine with an abstract, platform independent and fully modular architecture supporting full interoperability and all other modern training and simulation needs and requirements.

Guard features exact simulation of all the parameters needed for highly realistic training. Guard enables training and education under conditions difficult to reproduce in real life, such as sudden changes in visibility and weather conditions and urban warfare scenarios.

Guard offers fully functional interaction in the virtual environment with complete visual and aural information for full trainee immersion.


  • Highly innovative mobile training systems
  • Smart, fully interoperable & quick to deploy
  • Cost-effective, reliable and easy to maintain
  • Exact replicas
  • Light weight design of heavy weight systems
  • Advanced Training Analytics
After Action Reviews is a highly efficient evaluation tool. AAR features sight views of all trainees with visible soldier communication, real-time weapon settings & tracking. The real-time 3D playback features slow-motion analysis of actions made, ensuring best possible trainee progress and score review.
Crew Integrator is a revolutionary tool, giving our customers opportunity to focus on key capabilities of each trainee. Holistic data management combined with advanced analytics cater for best-in-class progress monitoring tool. Crew Integrator helps decision makers in creating Alpha teams that will perform best.
Scenario Editor is special scenario creation and editing tool. Scenarios can be modified and changed at any point in time, even during the exercise. User can easily add new units, change their behaviour, waypoints or change the weather at any instance, resulting in endless diversity of exercises.